5 tips to improve your pick-up skills

Aah, the pick-up game! I’m sure many men think learning the number pi by heart is easier to do than seducing a woman. Well, that’s because they have too many doubts and fears. Men think too much about the game of seduction and that way it becomes unnecessarily complicated! It’s only as hard as you make it! Because if that pick-up game is as difficult as you think, our human race would be threatened! Do you think your father was the most skilled womanizer on this planet? And your grandfather? Right! Get the picture? Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be fine!

1. Trust yourself! First problem; you get rejected? Don’t worry! It has happened to all of us! Don’t start doubting yourself. Sometimes women are just not into getting hit on that day. We all have our good and bad days. Well, women have more bad days than good ones, so just cope with that fact and move on! Not taking action will turn out into:

  • Never go home with a woman
  • Less and less and less willpower to get over your fears
  • End up as an old man on the couch

So keep exercising your moves, because positive experiences will get you convinced you are actually good at it!

2. Don’t think she’s more important than she actually is
Off course, she’s a nice lady and you would very much like to take her home. But in the end: she’s only that. A nice, pretty woman. She’s not the woman you depend on (yet), she’s not the woman who cooks your meal when you come home, she’s not the woman who brings your coffee in the morning, she’s not the one you are at breakfast with. In the end, she isn’t any different from any other woman on this planet. Of course, you would like that to change! What I mean is, never let the idea get to you that you might not be good enough for her. Because off course you are! What will help you however, is to find out she likes you back or not.

3.Talk about her, not about you
Many men try to avoid awkward silences by talking all the time, but actually, that will have the opposite effect! Don’t talk about your hobbies, but about hers. Don’t talk about your family, but ask her about her brothers/sisters/parents. If you think you will forget about this once you’re on the actual date, just prepare your questions on a tiny sheet of paper. If you feel awkward, go to the men’s room, take your paper and just reread all the questions you prepared. Take a deep breath and go back in there!

4. Have a plan
Women like to be guided by a man. If you ask her out on a date, make sure you prepared that date from the first minute until the last. A man who has ‘I don’t know’ as a standard answer, will never attract anyone. She’ll want a man who knows what he’s doing, knows where he’s going. It doesn’t really matter where you’re going (please, think a little bit romantic!), but it all has to do with you guiding her through the date and making sure she doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

5. Your intentions are not a secret!
From the beginning, you want to make clear that you prepared this date to impress her. You’re there for a possible love interest, not to enlarge your group of friends! That doesn’t mean you have to start being physically from the first minute, by the way! But it means you have nothing to hide from her. She is allowed to know that you like her and that you hope she will like you back. You can make some romantic allusions and see how she reacts. Anyway, just trust your gut and you’ll be fine. And if you’re not, do not hesitate to contact Amnesti!

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