5 ultimate, professional tips for your online dating profile

Are you on several dating sites or –apps, but none of them has a positive effect on your love life? Stop! In the name of life. You’re clearly doing something wrong and someone like you, totally ready to get things going, deserves better! Follow these five tips and you’ll be doing better in the future!

1. Appealing pictures are a must!

Of course, you could have guessed that one! Because there isn’t one single dating app that doesn’t focus on the pictures… Your intro text might be fun and show your best side: if you don’t have a –good- profile picture, you might as well delete your account. It doesn’t mean that you have to be extremely good looking to make a good impression. It’s more important what you do on that picture than what you look like. These four photos are an essential part of your profile:

    Close up (including your torso!)
    • This is the most important ànd first profile picture! Female users have to be able to look at you closely and be triggered to see the rest of you.
    Show that you’re protective and caring
    • A picture with an animal or child does the trick at all times.
    Show that you are having a good time
    • Women don’t want dates with boring trolls –excuse the language. So show her what your hobbies are. A man who plays the guitar? Romantic! A man who does paragliding? Exciting! A man who plays football? Sexy! Find one thing that makes you stand out. Men with passion are far more attractive!
    Show that you’re social.
    • Fun fact: women feel attracted to men who are popular and loved by many other people. You can put it this way: if a restaurant’s terrace is full, we automatically assume that the food is good. When a guy has many friends, we assume that he must be fun to be around.

2. Avoid formal language “I’m looking for a life partner”… Uhm no, thank you! Unless you’re looking for a 70-year-old, clearly not the way to go. Avoid words like soulmate, matching, having that special click… Quit. It.  

3. Avoid clichés I love good food. Wow. No shit. Really? Anyone likes ‘good food’! What exactly do you mean by that? Do you like going out for dinner? Do you like a good piece of meat on the bbq? Do you like high standard restaurants? Do you adore your grandmother’s kitchen? Be specific and be clear. Nobody likes the guessing game.

4. Attract the right people By this, I mean that the ‘offer’ on dating sites is tremendous. For example, Tinder has more than 6 million users! Filter, filter, filter! And I got you the best roadmap!

STEP1 Make a list of what you think is attractive in a person. Write it down, so you don’t make any changes ‘on the way’.

STEP 2: Like I said before; show your hobbies and interests. That way, people with the same interests will easily find you. And another pro: you will immediately have something to talk about!

STEP 3: Describe in your profile what you are looking for. Specific enough to filter the good women from the bad, but not too specific so you scare every possible date away. I’m looking for a woman with blond hair, green eyes and C-cup might be a little bit over the top.

5. Leave the important information That’s right. The IMPORTANT information! Just to set things straight: never lie. But leaving out some crucial information might trigger people to contact you. A little mystery never hurt anybody! Have fun on your next date!

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