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Leading authority in online wealth creation, Mike is a world-class direct-response marketer who studied under the greatest masterminds of marketing.

Mike is the proud founder and owner of multiple 7-figure brands trusted by over +5Million marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers looking to gain more paying clients through authentic, proven, and effective marketing.

In December 2019, Mike launched his Client Accelerator course where he teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to set up profitable, automated online businesses and target their ideal clients using the same methods and strategies he used to scale his own businesses.

His holistic approach to coaching and smorgasbord of marketing secrets have helped his students navigate the cutthroat world of marketing and skip the lag phase of growing an online business. As of today, Mike has mentored +100.000 people from +80 countries, helping them generate over $244Million in profits.

While Mike isn’t busy shaking and inspiring minds with his marketing powers, he takes time to relax, indulge in a good drink, enjoy a nice TLC session, and educate himself to become a better person in business, mentorship, and life.

As Mike always says, “Nobody becomes successful without being happy first

Mike Geerinck

mike's story:

I wanted to be a

Millionaire by 30

Growing up, Mike has always wanted to live the life of freedom afforded only by the top 1% of the world. At 25, he completed his studies at the Vlerick Business School in Belgium with the aspiration of setting up his own business.

He knew that he had two choices. One, work extremely hard until he makes it. Two, work just as hard but, a little smarter. Mike chose the latter and designed his own softwares to automate the heavy-lifting work involved in growing a business.

Here he is today, running multiple 7-figure businesses selling SaaS products that empowermarketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to gain more high-paying clients in less time.

His businesses include:

Mike is also the owner of Dream Media, a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn their upper-line revenue into their bottom-line profit through marketing that is human, empathetic, and results-driven.

Today, Mike continues to find ways to simplify the way businesses are run so that everyone can pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and achieve financial success.

Young and constantly growing, Mike has a long journey ahead of him.
But at the end of it all, Mike gets to say “I became a millionaire before 30.”.

Mike Geerinck

Pursue Your Dreams


That is Mike’s motto and driving force to his success.

When working with Mike, you will see that his character reflects the ethos behind it:
determined, visionary, courageous, risk-taking, and above all, full of integrity.

While Mike has dreams to pursue and goals to achieve, his mission remains the same: to help marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers find their success by using the tools, resources, and strategies that have proven successful for himself.