From Broke To Multi-Millionaire

In 2019, I created world’s first full-automated Facebook software that allows it users to gain ‘FREE LEADS & CLIENTS’.

I turned my offer into a coaching program, and scaled my coaching program with webinars and advertising.

16months later I have;

Life Stabbed me in the back

I started my career as a fire fighter in Beveren-Waas, Belgium.

I loved my job very much and went excited to work every day. Even though is was minimum wage, and paid me €1.330Nett/mo.

I left my job 1.5 years later, because I was bullied by collegues, higher ranked officers and the mayor of the city. 

I lost control over my own life…

But there has always been a burning desire within me, that wants to challenge himself.

I Re-claimed my life

I had BIG DREAMS again.

So I went to Santa Barbara in California to study English.

After a failed dating coaching business, Covid-19 happened, and it was one of the best things that could ever happened into my life.

While I was chasing free clients on Facebook, I discovered a big problem;

I solved this problem with an automation tool, named OLYMPIA.

I'm on a mission

I founded Dream Media in 2021 with a clear mission.
To help entrepreneurs grow their business with proven systems & processes.

After spending over +5 years trial and error, I founded;

And along my journey, I learned a few skills that are required to built
7-8 figure businesses.