Drastically Increase Your New Revenue By Creating A Systemized Business That Attract Visitors & Turn Each and One Of Them Into Paying Clients Using "The Client Accelerator Method"

What is it?
The Client Accelerator Program is a 7-week program. That shows you how to scale your business with easily implemented systems. It includes full support, live "working" calls, and a community of successful entrepreneurs.
Who is it for?
The Client Accelerator Program is for anyone that wants success and freedom from their business. By building predictable systems, automation, and the right team to do the work.
Where does it happen?
This is an online-only program. It consists of training videos, tools, templates, mentoring calls, and a collective learning community. You complete the lessons at your convenience with our help from start to finish.
How does it work?
Simply watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools, and fill in the blank templates to build automated systems. Get answers to any of your questions in the community or the live coaching calls. As long as you follow the process, ask for help, then you'll get results.
Why does it exist?
We created The Client Accelerator Program because there’s so much bad information out there about scaling your business. No other course covers hiring/managing a team, creating predictability, consistency, and systemization like ours. Let alone making it so actionable that you complete the course with all of the systems implemented and already making money.
Why is the success rate so high?
This program was born from actual real-world experience. You’ll find no theory here. Our program teaches systems and processes that are being successfully used to build, scale, and sell multiple companies. Hundreds of entrepreneurs are already using this exact program in their businesses to achieve results.

Here's Why It Works

Proven Process To Create Winners:

We turned the guesswork of building systems and forming a dream team into step by step actions. All you have to do is follow simple instructions and track your progress using easy to read metrics.

Mental Reprogramming To Change Your Life:

We invented a new way to think about business and view the world we live in. Discover the blind spots, habits, and behavior patterns that are weighing your business down. Reprogram your brain for high performance so you can reap the rewards for decades to come.

A System To Optimize Your Life:

Our program takes the most unorganized entrepreneur and turns them into a machine built on self-discipline. Fully focused on optimizing, delegating, and removing wasted space from your “to-do” list.

Like-Minded Community of Problem Solvers:

It's hard to make changes in your life. Especially if you're surrounded by people who don’t share your vision. As part of this program, you'll be joining an active community of like-minded entrepreneurs and problem solvers. In this group, you can collaborate, get help, trade systems together, network, and enjoy the journey together.

Daily Judgment Free Mentorship:

As comprehensive as this program is, there will always be questions. We are here to provide you with 24/7 access to experts in our collective community group, weekly live stream Q&A's, and emails. There is no such thing as a dumb question and there is zero judgment.

Real World Templates, Examples, Scripts & Jod Ads:

This program was built from real-world results with constant feedback from our clients. It will help you build your business using our collection of 'fill in the blank' templates that are already working in other businesses. This will allow you to quickly systemize your workflow and scale your business successfully.

The Client Accelerator Program Outline

In just 7 weeks, we'll help you to build your Client Accelerator System. So that your business becomes a "cash-cow-asset" that runs without you.

A full overview of the program and the core parts we focus on to get your results fast. This outline will help you to understand the road ahead.

Here’s what we cover:

1.1 Foundations

— Our main purpose and objective

— General housekeeping

— Important things to remember going into this

— Overview of what this program is about and what we’re going to cover

— The Road Ahead

— the math to $100.000/month with the “new model” of consulting

1.2 Fundamentals First

— The anatomy of a consulting business

— Getting clear on your transformation

— Getting clear on your niche, offer and promised result

— Getting clear on your message

— Getting clear on what makes your business unique

1.3 Switching To The New Model

— What is the “new-model” of consulting?

— The difference between the old model and the new model

— Group coaching and online course structures

— Why you should start with & ‘hybrid model’ program

— What a proof of concept is and why you need it

— getting clear on your proof of concept and workflows

1.4 Crafting Your Offer

— Crafting your offer and bringing at all together

— Pricing your offer based on its value

— The big mistakes — Thinking your program is different and less worthy

— Why we sell before we build

— The power of natural selection and how we use it to our advantage

In the following modules, we bring everything from week one together to form your offer. You will create the proposition that you will use to persuade people to invest in your program. 


You’ll use all the worksheets and research components from week one and find a “high-ticket price” that you’re comfortable with. This is a crucial module!


Here’s what we cover:

2.1 – Sell Before Build Strategy

— Why it’s mandatory to sell it before building it

— The 30,000 foot view of how we do it – (The process)

— The only things you need to sell your MVC

— Keeping it simple and being receptive to feedback

2.2 – Write Engaging Copy

— Organic outreach copy

— copy that engages with your audience

— how to write clickbait titles

— why we use inception triggers

2.3 – Scientific Selling

— What is the Alchemy of client conversion and why is it important?

— The science behind converting a total stranger into a high paying client

— Important things to know about sales that nobody else is doing

— The Alchemic conversion script

— Handling objections

2.4 – Crafting Your Script

— The importance of crafting your script and making it your own

— The scientific method: Hypothesis, action, results, feedback

— The step by step process for adjusting your script

— Recording your sales calls and storing them for feedback

— Action items and the iterative process used to evolve your perfect script

2.5 – Actions And Iteractions

— Action and Iteration – The only thing that matter right now

— Tracking your strategy session performance and knowing your numbers

— Plotting your attack for the next 30 days using our “War Map Calendar”

— Sticking to the plan with monk-like discipline 

— Collecting feedback and iterating everything until you get clients 

Throughout week three, you’ll be building version one of your program. 


At this stage, you should have gotten at least one customer.  Though it will likely be more, however one will do.  Now it’s time to turn what you’ve learned into a real-life program.  One that your customers implement, and see the promised results with. 


Here’s what we cover:

3.1 – Anatomy Of A Program

— An overview of week 3

— The key components of a program

— Guiding principles to remember when building

— Beware of perfectionism – Build lean, mean and scrappy

— Talking to community members to help extract information 

3.2 – It’s All About Systems

— Systems Thinking – The secret to creating great training programs

— Understanding the nature of your system

— Mapping your system in Trello

— How to structure and order your program effectively

— The devastating importance of week one

— Gathering “raw materials” and adding flesh to the bone

3.3 – Creating Content

— Allocating time and getting deep into the zone

— The method/process we use to create content

— Pick an enemy and polarize them

— Secrets to creating amazing content

— Slide templates and other tools we use

— Getting it done

3.4 – Portal & Community

— Portal and Community: The heart and eyes of your program

— What makes a great content portal?

— Setting up your content portal

— What makes a great customer community?

— Setting up your customer community

In week 4, you’ll learn six rapid promotional strategies. These are basically six things that attract clients and get them to schedule strategy sessions with you.  This week is your moneymaker! 


Here’s what we cover:

4.1 – Organic Outreach ‘The Next level’

— The new Organic Outreach That Nobody Knows

— How we use  a system for our organic outreach

— how our virtual team will look like

— agency systems principles

4.2 – Optimise Your Agency

— Week By Design

— Organize Your Day Successfully

— Create the Perfect Team

4.3 – Going To The battle

— How to use the invisible pitch and how to close these sales calls

— How to target our ideal client better

— Cold email systems + templates

In the following modules, you’ll learn about assembling your automation “machines”.  What I mean by the machines is three proven funnels. 


In week five, we’ll drill down into the details and show you step by step, click by click, exactly how these funnels work.


Here’s what we cover:

5.1 – Essembling The Machine

— An overview of our three funnels and what we’re doing in week five

— Building the funnels in the right order/evolution

— The components of each funnel: The overview, math, pages, and automation

— The tools we use to create the funnels and why

5.2 – VSL Overview & math

— The VSL funnel – What it is and why we use it

— The VSL funnel – A high-level view of how it works

— The VSL funnel – The fundamental math that drives it

— The VSL funnel – Measuring and tracking performance

— The VSL funnel – Troubleshooting issues

5.3 – Building Your VSL Funnel

— Action and Iteration – The only thing that matter right now

— Tracking your strategy session performance and knowing your numbers

— Plotting your attack for the next 30 days using our “War Map Calendar”

— Sticking to the plan with monk-like discipline

— Collecting feedback and iterating everything until you get clients

5.4 – Tracking Systems

— How to setup google analytics

— Working with Hotjar and why we would use it

5.5 – Pipeline Building

— How to install your VSL pages and automation

— VSL – Funnel setup with ActiveCampaign

— VSL – Automation setup with ActiveCampaign

— VSL – Funnel setup with infusion soft

— VSL – Automation setup with infusion soft

In week six, you’ll go from a proof of concept to a proof of concept in sales. You’ve already seen what works, now you’ll mix that with paid traffic to start moving to your first 6-figure month.


Here’s what we cover:

6.1 – Facebook Gameplan

— How we use facebook ads to scale our business

— How Facebook ads differs with our proven systems

— Essential Facebook and funnel KPI’s

— Scientific method – Our proven process to find the winning formula

— How week fix works and how to work through this process

6.2 – Your Ad Hypothesis

— Scientific method – Our approach to creating successful Facebook Campaigns

— DNA components of a successful Facebook campaign

— Extracting the DNA pattern from your proof of concept

— How to survive in Facebook’s natural selection machine

— The basics of copywriting and direct response

— Creating five angles with four images each

6.3 – Going Live + Tracking Ads Daily

— The hierarchy of a successful Facebook campaign

— Creating your ad templates: 5x angles with 4x images each

— Creating your audience templates: 30x audience interests

— Launching your campaign

— Checking for signs of campaign life

— Daily Facebook ads workflow

— Reporting on “real” Facebook and funnel metrix

— Culling “losing” ads

— Propagating “winning” adsets

— Disciplines of Facebook ads mastery

— Troubles shooting non-performance

6.4 – Retargeting

— What retargeting is and why we use it

— VSL funnel retargeting strategy

— Setting up retargeting on Facebook Ads

— Setting up retargeting on Google Adwords

— Setting up retargeting YouTube on Google Adwords

6.5 – Horizontal Scaling

— What is horizontal scaling and how does it work?

— Duplicating adsets at max budgets

— New audience interests

— Creating lookalike audience

— Creating new ad variations

— Creating new ad angles

— Targeting additional countries

— Scaling retargeting campaigns

— Decentralize architecture

In the following modules, you’ll see how to take your mindset to the next level by focusing on changing the world.  Unsuccessful people can’t change the world, themself, or their situation. Successful people can change themself and their situation, but not the world. The greatest masters of all time change everything. 


This week will show you how to become one of the greatest masters!


Here’s what we cover:

7.1 – Vision, mission and principles

— Creating your own world

— Why vision, mission and principle guide behavior

— Setting your vision: Defining the future you want

— Setting your mission: Defining how you’ll get there

— Setting your principles: Defining your philosophy

7.2 – Understanding Thyself

— Who are you? Understanding the nature of yourself

— taking a baseline of yourself

— Psychology: Understanding your hearts desires

— Behavior: Understanding your activity patterns

— Defining and than becoming the “new you”

7.3 – Monk Like Discipline

— Why success is the sum of your human will

— Discipline: The tool of the masters

— Sacrifice: Giving everything into the grid

— Focus: Channeling energy into the grid

— Consistency: Unwavering commitment to your goal

— Systems and tools to stay on the rails

Learn On Your Own Terms

Learn anytime, anywhere, and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. The Client Accelerator Program includes; our online program portal, dynamic social group, live interaction, and simulated material.

Online E-learning Portal

Watch training videos in stunning 1080p HD on any device anywhere in the world. Listen to mp3 recordings of each lesson while driving or on the go to reinforce the learnings. Read the compressed presentation slides to implement the action steps fast.

Interactive Entrepreneur Community

Join an energetic community of fellow agency owners and company leaders who actually get you. The entrepreneurial path can be lonely. Especially when you're surrounded by "normal people" who are not aiming for high goals. In this community you'll be inspired, you'll be able to learn from others, get answers to your questions, and most importantly you'll be able to enjoy this journey of change.

Expert Mentorship On Demand

Whenever you need it, personalized mentorship from experts is readily available. Learn directly from people who can troubleshoot problems within your business and provide direction. There are also weekly mentorship calls that are recorded as well as 24/7/365 support.

Think Less, Build More

With an entire process that’s engineered for change, our program makes it virtually impossible to fail. With access to an entire library of "plug and play" templates you'll be delegating, outsourcing, and building reliable systems that clone you within your business right away.

Outsource Your Productivity

Master the skill of hiring, outsourcing everything, and managing a team from anywhere you chose to go. This valuable life skill will allow you to build, run, and own teams for your current business. And is fully repeatable in any future projects you build or become a part of.

What You’re Getting

This is not your typical "program" - we provide you with everything you need to be successful.

Here's what our students are saying

Our students aren't just satisfied, they have successful businesses while, working less, earning more and enjoying life.

"Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for being able to do this, this was monumental"

"Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for being able to do this, this was monumental"

"Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for being able to do this, this was monumental"

"Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for being able to do this, this was monumental"

"Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for being able to do this, this was monumental"

"Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for being able to do this, this was monumental"

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