How to get over a break up as soon as possible?

Break up is no fun! No matter who ends the relationship first.

And even if we want to get out of the pain easily, still we can’t.

There’s no such thing as “shortcut” to get over a break up.

On that thought, Maybe you’ll agree with me.

Ironically, Although we know that, still, we keep on looking for ways to end the misery and pain the sooner we can.

And I understand you guys! 

But here’s a fact!

It takes time to process the heartbreak. And the way we process that heartbreak determines how fast we can get over a breakup.

The key for you to get over a break up as soon as possible lies on how you undergo that process.

So here’s a question you should ask yourself.

How do I process my heartbreak?

Some men go to parties, drink hard and be wild. Denying to themselves that they’re in pain and act like they’re in a victory!

Indeed, you can find distraction on that. Forget the pain for a while but to tell you men, You’re just making it hard for yourself. You only made the heartbreak process go too long. And sadly, a time will come where you will just feel so empty, lonely and discouraged.

So for you to somehow avoid that, Make your time productive and undergo the heartbreak proces wisely.


Don’t hold your emotions.If you want to cry, CRY! If you’re angry, BE ANGRY! In short, burst out what you are feeling inside. Don’t hide! Don’t pretend!

Remember: No heartbreak processing will take place as long as you keep your emotions to your inner self. Do not suppress that and allow yourself to feel the sadness instead of covering up.

You’ll see the difference if you will do so!

Afterwards, don’t let yourself be stuck with the heartbreak and pain it caused.  See something that will work for you on that moment. Try new things. Spend time with people around you. Maybe drinking beer with friends or a vacation. 

(These are just little things you could do. But what I want you to realize is that before you make any move, make sure that you throw up every emotion you have inside. Pretending and suppression is not the cure.)

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