How To Go Viral On TikTok

With over a billion users worldwide, many entrepreneurs are now exploring ways to leverage on this platform.

TikTok suits not only for teens who act crazy on camera.

I hate to admit it, but I was one of those million adults who failed to resist the app. Well, I was bored in the house, and I was in the house bored🎡.

If you’re a marketer who’s exploring a possibility to reach your audience using the app, the quick answer is YES! It’s possible.

But, first, you need to grab more eyeballs from the app.

This post will share the 3 simple checklists you can implement to quickly get your post viral on Tiktok!

Get Your Post Viral In a Snap!

Like any other social media apps, Tiktok makes a ton of cash the longer people stay in the app.

Think about this, the longer you stay, the more ads Tiktok can flash on your screen.

And that’s the first factor you have to keep in mind.

TikTok’s algorithm has to sense that your post is contributing to this goal.

TikTok Is mainly for entertainment. If you still haven’t used it, I warn you. Please don’t. Only use it when you have plenty of time to waste.

My beard grew the last time I used it.

So here are your free tips:

  • Create a mind-boggling post – Unless you still have an attractive body to showcase, your best option is to create an interesting post, like a puzzle, a riddle, or anything that will force people to play your post more than once until they get it.
    What’s the purpose of this?

Tiktok judges your post by how long users spend watching it.

By default, you can upload a 15-second video. If users are spending a few minutes watching your post, the algorithm will think that your post is valuable.

  • Ride the trend – This one is pretty obvious and simple at the same time.
    The algorithm knows when you’re about to exit the app. And how does the app prevent that from happening? (Remember, they want you to stay forever)

So When you press the exit button, the app will offer you one more video instead of doing your command. Think about it as an ace of a card. The algorithm will drop its best card just for you to stick a little more.

And what will it play for you?

You guessed it right… the best trend of the day!

Users who have already spent a ton on the app have probably watched the trends’ best posts. If that’s the case, Tiktok will gamble to use a non-viral post on the trend β€” and that could be your post.

And if people liked your version of the trend, they’re going to watch it over and over, too.

But be creative and put a little twist on it so that people won’t get bored.

  • Define user’s search intent – This one is a little advanced, but I’m sure you can easily pick it up, especially if you’re in the marketing field.

Tiktok sniffs your browsing history, so it can also sense your recent searches. The app will then offer you related content from your browser’s keyword searches.

If you’re familiar with using the SEO tools, you have a big advantage over regular users who are only posting on the app for fun.

And that, my friends, is my tip on how you go viral on the app. Suppose you need help to step your marketing game up. We’re happy to help you accelerate! Feel free to contact us or click the link below.

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