How to make a girl completely crazy over you

How to make a girl completely crazy over you So you fixed the date. Well done! But what now? How are you going to make sure this date end with a big, long, passionate kiss (and maybe more?). And how to make sure that the second date is clearly the next step? I’ve got some tips that can help you get the date to a next level!

Tip 1: The location You don’t want to be her ‘next date inline’. You want to stand out and not take her to the obvious places she has already been to five times before. You don’t want to get this text: “Hey, I had a good time, but I feel like there wasn’t a real connection between us. I wish you all the best for the rest of your life”. That would be a bummer, right? So let’s try to avoid it! No go: movie theatre, restaurant, noisy bar… Way to go: Do something. Take a walk, go from one location to another or pick one location but meet at about 10 minutes away from it. That way, you can walk the tension away! Propositions: go to the park and take a picnic, a harbor and take a bottle of champagne, do something active (f.e. take her horse riding)…

Tip 2: Act like her lover, not like her friend It’s something I keep telling you, guys! Don’t act like a friend. Make sure you meet her to become more than her friendship. Show that to her! Tell her that she looks pretty, tell her you have plenty of friends, but none of them are girlfriend material. Tell her you have been looking for the right girl, but haven’t found her yet. Don’t act like you just want to have fun. You want to make out, that’s clearly a difference!

Tip 3: Find a deep connection Listen to her, let her talk and be understanding. If you are lucky, she has some issues she likes to talk about. That way, you have the opportunity to comfort her and show her you care. BUT! Don’t give her the chance to become too negative. You don’t want to feel depressed after the date, nor does she. Let her talk about a negative event in her life for about 10 minutes, after that, you smoothly change the subject in something light and fun. She’ll still have the emotions from that negative moment and she’ll be more open for physical contact. I promise you that!

Tip 4: Be physical No kiss before a random touch on the shoulder, knee, back. Make sure you touched her several times during the date. Just some random physical contact. F.e. (gently!)push her in the back when she is in front of you. Touch her arm when she says something funny and you are laughing. You can’t just step up to her after a date and present her your lips. You need to build this up. Try it, you’ll be surprised!!

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