What You Need To Do Before Starting A YouTube Channel

“Hands shaking, Knees trembling…. And sweat starts to cover up not just your forehead but your entire body!”

This is how inexperienced guys normally react when their crush or a beautiful girl in the campus is near to him.

Sounds exaggerated?

It may seem like that but to tell you honestly, It is true!

It may be awkward to admit but I used to feel that way though.

But now is different!

I’m way too great than the boy I was before.

How did I manage?

Well, before I make a solution to the problem, I start analyzing it first.

Here’s a question that can help you do so. Try to answer and meditate…...

Where does my “Fear of women'' come from? 

This is the first thing you should do. And if you find out where it comes from, then that’s the time you should start making a move.

Actually, when you do that little trick, you’ll eventually find out that your fear does not come from the woman itself but only from your mental faculties.

That’s the truth I want you to realize.

Our primitive brain tries to warn us that if we approach a beautiful woman there is danger. Where in fact there isn’t. And the moment you let that unhelpful warning overtake you, What do you think happens?

What you’re thinking is right!

Fear develops then later on your brain signals your body that’s why you behave similar or most likely the way in my description above.

This is indeed scientifically and psychologically proven.

But don’t lose hope!

You can overcome that. I’ll give you a helping hand if you will let me!

Just give me a call and let’s talk about that.

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