Is Dan Lok a Fraud?

To answer this question in a short way…. I would say “YES, HE IS”.

And here is my answer to it.

Dan Lok proclaimed to be a high-ticker-copywriter.

A high ticket closer, a marketer,…

Although, If you want to become successful, you specialize yourself in 1 category.

Mine is marketing.

I didn’t learn my knowledge online. I went to The Vlerick Business School. Which isn’t cheap.

To explain my reason why I say this all… if your rate is $5.000 per hour.

>> Video: 10K for 2 hours <<

Then why would you start an online business?

Why would you steal your content from someone else’s products?

Like here did here

I have nothing against being an online entrepreneur…

But… if you’re that successful, why would you stop doing it? And go all-in online?

When I paid once $2.500 for his high-ticket closing program, I was curious what he could bring in value.

And there I was… every week following a live class for 6h straight. That has almost nothing to do with high-ticket closing.

Look, If you want my high ticket closing script.

You can download it here for free 🙂

In the final class, he upsold us for $250/mo to become a member of the inner circle (which I didn’t do).

Dan Lok really doesn’t bring a lot of value.

He basically circles around without coming to the point.

Now, Does Dan Lok makes a lot of money ‘yes’! His marketing is straight on point.

Can you learn something from his marketing “Yes”.

But why isn’t he telling you his tactics?

Here’s the fun part.

Dan Lok is a self-proclaimed marketer. But isn’t doing any of his own marketing. Not even his team.

I know a company in LA that is doing all of this for him after doing some research.

But it is up to you if you want to work with him.

I believe that I want to learn from someone who actually has the skills set and the ability to learn from…

Someone who could be my mentor.

But someone like Dan Lok would never become mine. Since in my opinion, his experience is nothing more than copying someone else’s products and services. And then giving less value.

Oh, and before I forget. Here is a video… of spencer Cornelia .. Showing you how Dan Lok is giving value (but actually just pitching his products, WITHOUT ACTUALLY TEACHING).

Here are other video’s that may interest you

Click here (proof of copying someone else’s pitch)

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Warning: I have made my statement… And this is my opinion. It’s okay that you’ve your own opinion about Dan Lok or any other guru. But I think that my statement has been proven.