Is Sam Ovens A Scam?

Now you’re certain that you need a guide. 

If all you need is a quick answer to the question: “is Sam legit?” 

Then right off the bat, it’s a YES!


Sam offers well-suited and value-pack courses about speeding up your online business career.

But get this…

Sam’s course is useless unless you’re willing to do the work.

Remember, nobody else will do the digging but you — it’s the same deal with all the educational courses out there.  


So the question now is, Is his course really for you?


Read on as we break down what you should expect along the way from his course. 

What should you expect?


Looking at his story from his website “,” Sam portrays a “from rags to riches” image.

A humble beginning, in short.


It took him a while before he successfully rewired his corporate ladder belief to a serial entrepreneur view. 


So if you’re somebody who’s just starting to hop into the entrepreneurship world, you can definitely rely on Sam (supposed his portrayed image is true).

Nevertheless, according to some testimonials online and with our own experience with Sam, we can pretty much conclude Sam is genuine with his intention to speed up your career through the first level of his course. And it’s called: Consulting Accelerator.


Here’s what you should expect from the said course:

  • It helps you Identify your niche
  • It helps you bring the right messages for your niche
  • It helps you fix your mindset
  • It helps you identify what to sell from your chosen niche
  • Teaches you how to build VSL
  • Finally, it teaches you how to hire contractors. 




All of these are available online; however, you need to dig around before finding valuable materials to follow. 


In conclusion, Sam’s Accelerator Program is best for those who are willing to pay for the right direction instead of getting lost in the loop. 


Sam is great, as you will feel his eagerness to help you make more money than what you’ve invested with the course. 




(Enter the drumbeat rolls)


He’s positioning you to buy his next course, which is almost thrice the price of the Accelerator Program. 

Up Level Course


Here’s the beauty of the first course.


Sam’s first course is battle-tested, and it’s really designed to help you make enough — enough so you could afford the 2nd course. 


What should you expect from this course? 


Well, you’ll be surprised that Sam will downplay the first course. 

He will tell you that the first business model is not scalable, and you’ve reached the peak of it. 


He will bark so hard to our natural desire to keep on wanting for more. 


So I hope you’ve already made enough before you reach Sam’s next pitch.


Because It isn’t cheap. It costs 5,800.00$ 


This is where he’ll tell you to completely forget the first business model and motivate you to take the next. 


And oh, by the way, the fun doesn’t stop there. Prepare for the third course he calls it “Quantum Mastermind Course.


All In all, Sam is not a Scam.

He’ll help you grow to the best he can so you could keep on paying him more. 

And that’s our final verdict about Sam.

Take this tap on your back from us for doing the right thing(due diligence) for your hard-earned cash.

You’ll learn a bunch from Sam, but if you want to vary your options…
… and to make sure you’ll learn from an industry’s expert without pushing you into upsell courses then…We encourage you to check out what we can bring to the table for you.

Schedule a call with Mike and witness a whole new marketing view you’ve never seen before.