If you don’t kow YET who I am. I’m the founder of the first full developed Facebook Automation software that ACTUALLY searches for your ideal customers, engage with them and make an offer at the right time.

By using Olympia into my own business. I’ve been able to truly take advantage above anyone else online.

And make more sales than possible BEFORE I started with my paid traffic.

On this page, I’d like to share with you 3 CRUCIAL steps to start selling online WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME ON ADS!

What you'll discover

99.9% of the people who have an online business are not making ANY MONEY!


They tend to skip 1 crucial part of this process, which is providing value.
They drive traffic, engage with their audience, they make offers, but they are not providing real value to their audiences pain.

#1 Drive Traffic

Enable for you to have people coming to you for help, you need eyes! A lot of them.

That’s why we create valuable content inside of Facebook groups 24/7/365 (That’s why I’ve created Olympia. to get that done, on autopilot)

Other ways of getting eyes on your profile are:

  • engaging on your audience’s posts
  • Adding daily 40 Facebook-friends
  • Sending a personalized message to everyone

He Works Around The Clock On AUTOPILOT

#2 Provide Value

Providing value isn’t that hard. Still people are skipping this step.

We do that by creating a system to drive traffic to (step 1).

Here we send hundreds or thousands of people to. Andthose who buys or schedules a call with you, will do that based on the amount of value you provide inside these trainings, masterminds, webinars, LIVE-Events, etc

  • VSL & WEBINAR Funnels are pretty easy to install & optimize to increase your Booked calls. And once you understand the fundamentals of it. You could optimize your traffic campaign to decrease CPBC (Cost-Per-Booked-Call)
  • Sales pages are a little bit more tricky. Enable for you to know ‘WHY’ someone isn’t buying your stuff in the first place, requires some simple tools like hotjar. This tool allows you to view the LIVE recording of what your audiences is doing on your pages. To see the clicks, Heatmaps, etc.
    With these insights it’s your job to optimize for clicks & add-to-cart.

From my experience. The sales pages & Webinar funnels are the easiest to scale. Because this isn’t about the people in your business. This is all about tweaking a few things, and get these sales 24/7/365.

#3 An Irristable Offer

My 7-Figure Strategy:

I tend to engage with everyone, creating a shitload of value throughout the month, and do a 5-day live event each month.

On these social media LIVE-Events, I provide 3-days of non-stop value

On day 4, I provide my offer. 

And on day 5, I invite the rest;, to promote my event, for a 50% commission.

Eventually, these followers, will be one of your most important assets for your business. Because they will see how easy it will become to make money from your products. They simply repeat the same processes for you. 

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