Mike's daily routine

5AM Wake-up
Beat The Sun
I want to be up before the sun rises. I’d love staying on top of things and the calmness of the morning helps me plan out my day ahead.
5.10AM Cardio
1Hour of Cardio
It’s true, when you’re getting older, your metabolism is getting tougher on you. So I’ve been doing one hour of cardio every morning, at least. It's like hitting two birds with one stone because it also keeps me lively for my busy day head-on.
6.10AM Shower
Little-Known Shower trick
I only take 2-minutes of Cold-shower in the morning. Cold shower awakens yourl sleepy nerves. Try it sometimes!
6.30AM Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast
I try to mix up my breakfast with fruit, oats, eggs, or sometimes, with left-over foods. The reason for this is to keep my growth hormones high to start my day.
7.15AM Work
Heading to the office of Dream Media

I’d love to come before anybody else in my office. This inspires other team members to also come in early. I normally exchange pleasantries with other early-birds on my team, and this has been a great way to kind of loosen up the day before we head-on to our tasks. My team helps me with my email support, cold-outreeach on Facebook & Linkedin, Marketing on Pinterest, Twitter, Tiktok, ETC

9AM Work
Team Briefing
Discussing the tasks we need to complete in a day, reviewing the work of everyone. I rigorously checked it myself to ensure quality before it goes out. I treat our work like a child. Who wants their child going out untidy?
12PM Lunch
I love my team, it has been a ritual now for us to go out all together during lunch. And it’s on me — one of the equal benefits Dream Media people get.
1PM work
Back to strategy sessions, Live streams (when time available), or write a blog/create youtube video's (content)
5PM End Workday
finalize the work
When time permits, I re-create new ads for my products and software or take a look inside my ads accounts to optimize traffic, keep track of all the performing ads and income from the products.
6.30PM Sport
I’ve been doing my best not to skip the gym. A failure to do so delays my melatonin at night.
8AM Shower

Oh I love the second shower than the first — no time pressure. This time I’ve got a chance to sing songs like we all love doing in the shower. . 

8.15PM Dinner

Varied by cooking at home or going out for dinner.

9PM Relax
Quality time for myself

During this spare time, I like to relax, wellness at home, read a book and go for a drink. Keep in mind, nobody becomes successful without being happy first. Well, I guess that’s just my own belief. 

11.30PM bed-time

By going at the same hour in bed and waking up at the same time gives my body and mind a program to make my life easier. This routine trains my body and brain to learn my patterns, so I can enjoy everything without being tired being tired