mike geerinck
mike geerinck

Mike Geerinck

CEO, Chairman

Leading Authority In Online Wealth Creation
Mike is a world-renowned marketeer, who studied marketing with some of the greatest minds in the business.

He then used this knowledge to build multiple 7-figure businesses.
Mike is most well-known for his ‘The Client Accelerator Program‘ course. Its secrets turn any online business into an automated profit machine.
With over 4 years in the industry, Mike geerinck has built his online empire. Scaling it to 7 figures per month using the same methods he teaches!


Head Of Design & Webdevelopment

Farhan has over 5+ Years of experience building High-Converting websites and landingspages. 
He is the head-officer in Mike’s personal Brand and in the Dream Media Agency.


Software Engeneer

Usman has more than 6+ Years experience in software engineering. Mike has choose Usman, because of his talent in softwares and for his knowledge being  one of the top qualified engineers of his University.

Usman has worked with one of the biggest software companies in the world, and decided to be Mike main software engineer.