Refund Policy

Mike Geerinck BV is a Belgian Company, that follows the guidelines of Belgian law, and is therefore bound by Belgian Operational Rules and laws. And therefore also operates under European Guidelines & Protection Laws.

That means that ALL PURCHASES completed under the registration of Mike Geerinck BV or is bonded by Belgian and European Laws.

If you purchased a Digital Product or software that has a 14-day free trial, you’re eligible to request to stop any further payments or transactions that you’ve made with your card.

If you like to cancel one of our subscriptions, please click on the red button below, and give us all the information needed to stop further payments or cancel open subscriptions.

We’ll cancel and refund all payments that came through this form.

If we need more information, we’ll reach out to you through the email address you provided on the next page.

For all personal and business coaching educational courses, done over the phone will never be eligible for refunds.

This transaction is final and therefore bonded, as we don’t force anyone to work with us, nor put anyone in a high-pressure sales call.
All calls that we make with potential prospects are recorded for protection purposes. 

For further questions, please contact our contact center.