What if things get serious?

You have been dating a lot lately and you managed several dates with the same woman? Good job! It may be time to start thinking about what’s next. Because on a fourth or fifth date, a woman starts to have expectations. Meeting her is no longer non-committal. Want to know what to do next and what to deal with? Keep reading!

1. Relax, it’s still JUST a date!

Ok, you have known each other for a while now and yes, you feel comfortable in each other’s presence. That means no awkward conversations and a little more time to just enjoy being together. After three dates, I guess you both found out if you want to continue dating or not. It doesn’t mean it will just sit back and relax, but the atmosphere will be more pleasant than stressful. Good thing to look forward to, right?

2. Keep your effort up.

Making an effort shouldn’t be too hard and it’s definitely not annoying! You just need to keep impressing her in the way you woo her. Keep surprising her with small things. A flower when you arrive, a little present just because she makes you happy… Nothing too special, but small acts that make her feel like you still care!

3. Extend the date

The only way to find out she’s worth your time is by spending more time with her. Preferably more time without any interruptions. By the time you made plans for a fifth date, you might consider surprising her with a small trip. A weekend to the seaside, or to the mountains, maybe a city trip with a nice hotel. It doesn’t really matter where you go, but you go to someplace you can’t just return home. That way, you have the opportunity to focus on each other, more than focusing on your job or friends.

4. Bring her home

It might be time to just spend an evening at home in your own environment to find out if she fits in your life. Time to find out if you can accept her being in your house, touching your stuff. It seems obvious, but many men have issues welcoming a girl in their home/habitat.

5. Define the relationship

By the time you are on a fourth date, you want to know what you’re facing. The ‘where is this going’ conversation has to be held! Just find a way/time to introduce the subject. Most of the women are already thinking about that conversation after two dates. She will be very happy that you bring it up!

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